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Illustrator living in East London. I believe Illustration is not just about drawing, but is anything visual that communicates a message to an audience. To facilitate my creative skills, I like to work in moving image and photography as well as on the drawing board. I will be regularly updating this blog with my most recent masterpieces! If you are interested in commissioning me or simply have a querie, please contact me at: hello@lucy-e.com, @LucyJEvans or visit my website at www.lucy-e.com. Enjoy...

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


A little piece I did for a christmas present. She loves giraffes, so what better secret santa gift than a picture of a baby giraffe.. drawn by me no less ;)  Thinking about adding some flat play grey into the background to lift them a bit.. will experiment. 


So to spruce up our website, Paper Jukebox decided to all draw portraits of each other in our own styles to use as our thumbnails. Names were drawn, and then faces were drawn. The outcome was really great - we all surprised each other with our individual approaches to the task. I got the one and only Holly Mills, I hope I did her proud. 

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Illustration collective of the week!

Paper Jukebox feature as illustration collective of the week! Go Paper Jukebox!

Take a look, here!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Mac Martians

I had the urge to draw something silly and fun.. whats sillier than a silly face! I wanted to loosen up my mark making and think less about what I was doing. A lot of the time I over think my pieces, which can sometimes lead to work being overly processed and losing its 'pizzazz'... 

Here's a quote I found a little while ago which encouraged me to just go for it once in a while: 

Don't think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It's self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can't try to do things. You simply must do things.

Ray Bradbury

Friday, 18 November 2011

Harbour town 18th hole

For my mum's birthday card, I decided to pick up my watercolours after a good 5 years probably of them going untouched! It was nice to have a change from working in pencil and I was pleasantly surprised with the result.. The picture is of the 18th hole of the PGA course at Harbour town in South Carolina where we recently visited and where I played my first ever round of golf!! 

Happy birthday mummy evans :) 

Monday, 7 November 2011

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Sunday, 18 September 2011


Yesterday I rediscovered a couple of etchings I made when studying at Brighton on my foundation course. They have made me want to have another go but with my new style of working - not sure how well it would work but could be an interesting little experiment...
Only setback is the fact I don't have all the equipment Uni offered me... hmm where to look.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Yes... it's another mermaid...

...but I love them. They are so beautifully fluid and elegant - just the sort of thing I like to draw!
I promise, the next post will not be some sort of lady in some sort of water..

A little taster...

...of what's to come... I can't yet unleash the final piece onto my blog but keep your eyes peeled as it will be posted in the near future. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I found my first little review...

It read:

'Lucy Evans’ art is disjointed and takes you floating through a quiet wonder world'  

- Hyper vodka.

I think that's a compliment..

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Poster and bag design

To promote and remember our BRINK London exhibition on Brick lane, fellow illustrator Becky Hatwell and I collaborated to design a poster and bag. We wanted an image that showed an element of work by each and every person showing at our Illustration exhibition. To achieve this, we decided on creating silhouettes from each artwork and combining these to form a bigger circle. It was a fiddly job but totally worth it as everyone was really pleased with our efforts! Below is the poster, and our tutor turned model Matt sporting the bag:

I will photograph poster and bag in better detail on my return to Bournemouth and post them up!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Book contribution!

I have recently been asked to contribute in a book on digital art which is to be published in 2012 in the USA and UK!! 

My work is being used as a case study to show how computer programmes can be used solely as a tool in the creative process rather than relying on them to construct a completely digital piece.

Veeeery exciting and brilliant exposure!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Fashion moniter mentions my name woop!

Have a look here

My first cover image - teenbook mag is launched!

As well as designing the title logo for newly launched magazine teenbook, my work was chosen for the cover image. I sent two options for the cover, and the one that wasn't chosen was still put in the magazine! The illustration had to be of american star Emily Osment, and targeted at a 13-19 year old age range. I felt the bold, bright colours mixed with a fashion-illustration-esque drawing would make it stand out to teens as the arty fashion, music and culture mag that it is! 

Check out the online version here


Saturday, 14 May 2011

EMP final images

The main objective to my project was to capture the essence and emotion of the album Lungs through a series of drawings. Florence’s sound is dramatic, playful, emotional and even magical at times.  My aim was to make imagery that portrayed this intense, raw emotion but in an ethereal, theatrical manner.  I chose four songs in particular, each with very different themes, in order to sustain the wide scope of emotion offered by the album.

You got the love is about faith; knowing you have god to look after you when there is noone else. It’s an uplifting song about religious beliefs and the strength they find as a result of that belief. The doves signify peace and hope and act as a symbolic reference to God. The doves circle the protagonist serving like guardian angels. 

Cosmic love is about an unrequited love that turns how to be just the opposite. The over-riding theme in this song is love and how powerful it can be. She sings of being stuck in a twilight zone where she ceases to live and merely exists. When the couple find out they’re both in love, they stay in this twilight and it instead becomes a positive place. She’s describing how when madly inlove, you can be anywhere as long as you are with that person; nothing else matters. Their love is so powerful it could ‘blow out the stars and moon’. I have drawn the protagonist to expose both her extreme loneliness and love simultaneously.

I believe Drumming song is about repressed urges.  I wanted her to be trying to  ‘drown out the drumming noises(the urges)’ by diving underwater. Her taut posture re-iterates the frustration she feels when it doesn’t solve the problem. If you dream about being underwater, it’s supposed to mean that you’re feeling overcome with emotion. If you dream about breathing underwater, it’s said to signify a withdrawal back into the womb; a yearning for a chance to return to a position where you are liberated from responsibilities. This would be a place to escape her adult inclinations. 

Rabbit heart is about Florence giving up her normal life to make it as a successful artist. The song is very sacrificial which I wanted to demonstrate again through her stance; as if she is anxiously giving herself up to a life of fame and fortune, but also non-stop hassle and judgment. She’s giving up a life she can never get back for her love of performing. While researching, I discovered that Welch did actually suffer from bouts of depression in that cross over stage from normality to stardom, so this song is obviously very close to her heart. One lyric from the song : ‘and in the spring I shed my skin, and it blows away in the changing wind’ inspired me to paint the change she is going through with a shedding skin; the unravelling of her old life. It’s a song about decision-making; about choosing your path in life; not knowing whether it will be the right one.  The shed skin blows off into two directions – two paths, two choices.

Rendering the dress in only line defined it from the tonal body and left a fine linear quality suited to illustrate the material.

I plan to develop this style on by looking at people and situations from an obscure angle – a different take on the world. Possibly to the extent that a figure or day-to-day object becomes almost unrecognisable and more of an abstract composition. 

Possible exhibiting layout

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Beauty and the Beast

Finally scanned this series of drawings from last year. They were my final pieces on the narrative unit. The series is loosely based on the themes from Beauty and the Beast. I actually entered this piece into the V&A student awards in December, results should be announced anytime now! To check out my entry and find out more click here. 

Monday, 4 April 2011

Rabbit heart

Development work for the song Rabbit heart (Raise it up) by Florence and the machine. Illustrating a timid rabbit heart trying to be a brave lion heart... Representative of how Florence Welch (of Florence and the machine) was feeling during her transition from a normal life into one of a star.

The top one was created on a larger scale to how I normally work, I did enjoy working big for a change but not sure it was that beneficial to the end result.

Dog days are over

Project development... Like how the subtle use of colour worked - am going to take this forward onto my final pieces. Also, the combination of naiive ink mark makings and controlled pencil. 

Art of nurture regional final

Unfortunately, I didn't go on to get through to the national finals in London, but it was great meeting other finalists and seeing my work exhibited in the Royal West of England academy... and the canopies were phenomenal!!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Website up!

Waheeeyyy! My website is up and running....
Check it out here

Monday, 14 March 2011

No more calling

"No more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone,  no more calling like a crow for a boy, for a body in the garden"

I shall call her Squishy and she shall be mine, she shall be my Squishy

Experimenting with drawing on top of the ink.. really like the fluidity within the image. I also like how its all contained in one big ink splodge.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Lloyds regional finals!

Through to the Lloyds Art of Nurture regional finals! Really looking forward to the evening in Bristol on the 24th where little evans will be joining me :D

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Prints for sale!


Up in the air exhibited at 60 Million Postcards in Bournemouth.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Experimenting with putting the ink down first and then drawing post ink! I'm really pleased with the results and am definitely going to work like this again. There's a real fluidity to them that brings back the essence of ethereal-ness! I quite like the loose ink border also...

These images were inspired by the lyric (from Blinding by Florence + the machine):

Seems that I have been held, in some dreaming state

A tourist in the waking world, never quite awake
No kiss, no gentle word could wake me from this slumber
Until I realise that it was you who held me under

Cosmic love and Blinding

Development work for my current project...  The top image was inspired by the lyric from Blinding - Florence + the machine:

A falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes
I screamed aloud, as it tore through them, and now it's left me blind.
The bottom one was inspired by the song Blinding by Florence + the machine. It is about someone who has lost their lover and can't accept it.
Thinking of adding some sort of subtle colour to the top one... maybe in water colour or ink. Think I need to make my imagery more ethereal coz that's kinda my thing now.. so going to start the next images by putting down the ink first then drawing into it. This should loosen the drawing up a bit.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Lloyds TSB Art of nurture competition

My entry to the Lloyds TSB Art of nurture competition 2011. Last year I was a regional finalist so keeping fingers crossed for this year!

I chose the theme ‘We succeed together’ as I wanted to demonstrate the co-operative and successful nature of the bank. By drawing acrobats working and supporting each other, it is a visual metaphor for the relationship between the bank and its many customers. There is a strong sense of trust within the image, reflecting the nature of the bank itself. Lloyds won’t let their customers down, just as the female knows her fellow acrobats won’t. The image also portrays the message ‘We stretch ourselves’ - The acrobats have trained tirelessly, enabling them to perform to such a high standard.

Up in the air

My up in the air submission, my entry was selected to be exhibited and sold at the event held at 60 million postcards in Bournemouth. I had lots of people asking whether I was related to this baby - I can thankfully say I am not!

Saying that, I was recently looking through some old family photos and spotted one of my sister when she was a baby that looked particularly familiar.... Maybe there was some subconscious inspiration afterall...

Friday, 7 January 2011


Ink and photography

Had a really interesting talk and presentation today by David Price and it must have somehow inspired me to draw a tree! Quite like it actually.. not sure if this is finished yet but am being careful not to overcomplicate it.