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Illustrator living in East London. I believe Illustration is not just about drawing, but is anything visual that communicates a message to an audience. To facilitate my creative skills, I like to work in moving image and photography as well as on the drawing board. I will be regularly updating this blog with my most recent masterpieces! If you are interested in commissioning me or simply have a querie, please contact me at: hello@lucy-e.com, @LucyJEvans or visit my website at www.lucy-e.com. Enjoy...

Monday, 22 November 2010

'A recipe for... the perfect pancake'

Dot dot dot

Final design ideas for the '...' in 'A recipe for...' - a zine our course is putting together to fundraise for our London show in June. I got a bit into the moon theme for some reason! I love the wise old face of the old man moon ...Will post up the final cover design once it is finished!


Development work for my D&AD project to illustrate the song Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. I get the feeling the song is about loss, so I have used negative space to demonstrate the loss of somebody close. Just a preliminary idea, but quite nice I think.. I finally saw her live in Bournemouth a few weeks ago (after being a fan for years) and her show blew me away. It was absolutely stunning, she is an even bigger inspiration to me now than she was before.

Practising hair

Not particularly keen on the body in this but am happy with the hair and tail. For my final piece, I played around the body to make it look less static. See the final below....

Nautical Nonsense

This is the final piece for the Nautical Nonsense brief; a monthly competition which takes place in Bournemouth. There is a different theme for each month and the shortlisted entries are exhibited at 60 Million postcards bar where A2 prints of each piece are for sale! I got through to this stage which is so exciting as it is the first time my work will be properly exhibited and (hopefully) sold!