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Illustrator living in East London. I believe Illustration is not just about drawing, but is anything visual that communicates a message to an audience. To facilitate my creative skills, I like to work in moving image and photography as well as on the drawing board. I will be regularly updating this blog with my most recent masterpieces! If you are interested in commissioning me or simply have a querie, please contact me at: hello@lucy-e.com, @LucyJEvans or visit my website at www.lucy-e.com. Enjoy...

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Rollie, Pencil. Representing the themes of Beauty and the Beast from a completely different angle. I decided to show the theme of ‘How the overpowering contentment somebody can feel about a certain thing can make the stereotypical unattractiveness of it irrelevant’ I chose to demonstrate this theme through the act of smoking so I could take it as far away from the original starting point as possible.

4 Mugs, Colouring pencil, digital manipulation.

Ink and pencil.

Pencil and felt-tip

Pencil, felt-tip and digital manipulation.

Pencil and digital manipulation. I really enjoyed working in this style of pencil drawing and am pleased with the results. The punch of bold, bright colour amongst the grayscale works really well. Will develop this on further...

OCD Awareness video - Visual Explanation

DSLR, pencil and colouring pencil. This is the final video for our Visual Explanation unit. We were randomly given a word and had to come up with a print or screen based outcome that visually explained said word. I was given 'Repetition'.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Thursday, 1 April 2010


Typography made from... yes that's right, PANCAKES. The feeling sick after eating said pancakes was not so rewarding.

Documentary illustration

Here is another version of the drawing shown in context.