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Illustrator living in East London. I believe Illustration is not just about drawing, but is anything visual that communicates a message to an audience. To facilitate my creative skills, I like to work in moving image and photography as well as on the drawing board. I will be regularly updating this blog with my most recent masterpieces! If you are interested in commissioning me or simply have a querie, please contact me at: hello@lucy-e.com, @LucyJEvans or visit my website at www.lucy-e.com. Enjoy...

Friday, 18 October 2013

Taylor Does Limited Edition Tees

In collaboration with Taylor Does ladies clothing company, six of my illustrations are now available in a limited edition collection of beautiful white slim fit tees. They are rather nice.. take a look!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

LIE studio visit, Kuala Lumpur

Last Friday, I popped into the LIE studio in Kuala Lumpur where Driv Loo (studio founder and designer) talked me through all things Design and Art Direction! They were really lovely and welcoming, and showed me the great work they'd been doing. Malay design is cool.


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Kit Magazine

Kit Magazine recently commissioned me to draw six little illustrations to accompany some reviews on their online launch issue.  The reviews include (top to bottom) Gepulos Gelato in Soho, The Alibi Film Club, Dalson Rooftop Park, Fred & Frans in Stoke Newington, The East End Thrift Store and Ruby's Dalston.  It was fun to work with more colour and be playful with the content; making a series of mini illustrations that are a bit twee, and a bit lovely.

Have a meander through the launch issue of Kit Magazine here.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Ooooee just searched pencil illustration in Pinterest and one of my illustrations came up on the second row! Serweeeeeet. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Illustrator of the week on Den

Stumbled upon this absolutely lovely review - Thank you Den, how very kind of you!

Illustrator of the week: Lucy Evans



We haven’t introduced you to a new creative name for a while in our blog posts, so today, here is our illustrator of the week: Lucy Evans. Her work can be described as linear, lovely and alluring, with a strong sense of movement captured in endless blissful moments. She really is superb!

The lady herself says her work is about ‘viewer being able to lose themselves in a moment of fascination and curiosity,’ though the series of mark making, splashes of beautiful colour and ‘surreal conceptual content.’ What we really like about this illustrator is her ability to capture something separate from reality, something extraordinary, something that releases you from everyday normality for just a moment. Her magic with the use of line is endearing and skilful and carefully adorns her female-littered material and she is no conventional illustrator! It appears on general trend, she is somewhat trying to care for her subjects in each of her pieces and praise ‘form’ of the natural world.

Evans says she likes ‘to allow the audience to work out the narrative for themselves or to interpret the imagery in their own personal way. I am heavily influenced by music, places and beautiful, ethereal things.’ We can definitely agree with her that she produces fantastical poetic imagery, a lot of which are a balance between colour-dye splashes, delicately intricate detailing and subtle dynamism.
Through many of her pieces you will find an underlying tone of vulnerability, gentleness and nurturing. We recommend you check out her website and show her some love, because its obvious she is a super duper grafter!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Computer Arts - Gallery of Mo article

 Click here to see the article

"I have done seven portraits so far, including the ones I drew live at the Movember launch party, and I'm just about to start on my eighth," says Lucy Evans. "What's great is there's no end of mo-styles to draw on people - thick ones, thin ones, curly ones, straight ones, french ones - you name it."

Twitter fame

Click the image to see the tweet!

Lisa Snowdon and Dave Berry tweeted my work today... how exciting!! And THEN Dave Berry tweeted the pic to Rufas Found!! And all of it promoting the brilliant charity that is Movember - perfect.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Movember launch party

Look! Theres me on a Gallery of Mo bizz card!

Gallery of Mo totally smashed it! Well done team.  Looks like they'll be more live portrait events to come....

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I'm very honoured to have been chosen as one of ten artists to be drawing live portraits at the official Movember launch party in central London on the 17th October.  Being one of the 'Gallery of Mo' official artists has meant getting some practice in on drawing a good mo before the event - although I have a feeling the mo's may be getting a little more magnificent on the night... 

Make a donation to Movember here and get yourself some mo action!